To enhance our delivery process, technology and knowledge we have strategically built partnership with Microsoft. Having attained Gold Partnership status in a short span of time, we are in the top 2% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. Through our partner network, we have access to a vast knowledge base and support to quickly provide solutions.


As BPM solution providers in the industry, we have built partnership with K2, an industry recognized leader in the world of BPM workflows. Having implemented several BPM solutions in Microsoft SharePoint, K2, our partnership has helped leverage crucial information to successfully provide solutions.


To provide our clients, a comprehensive solution for our Document Management Solutions, we have partnered with Qorus.  Qorus DocGeneration works with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to to significantly reduce the time and effort required to customise and generate high value Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, such as sales proposals and presentations, financial reports, contracts, and advisory reports. Benefits include significant reductions in time and effort required to customise and generate documents, reduction in human error, adherence to corporate guidelines, and consistency in branding, style and formatting of documents.